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There are many factors that go into pricing… and they’re all changing, all the time. Our customized analysis and reporting provides you with current, actionable market intel delivered whenever and however you need it. Just like our keen-eyed, agile little mascot, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of the marketplace and be able to reposition yourself on a moment’s notice.

Customize your pricing reports by choosing:

  •    Product, brand and/or category level
  •    Unit of measurement (consumer unit, kg. etc)
  •    Length of tracking periods
  •    Highest/lowest price point per SKU
  •    Where/when/for how long these prices were offered


Stay tuned on what is happening in the market and be competitive:

  • How expensive or inexpensive are you compared to your competitors?
  • How are your own products priced compared to comparable products by A-brands… and other private labels?
  •  What are the competition’s neutral and promo prices for the different SKUs?
  • Do their prices vary from one region to the other?
  • How do prices develop over time?


Stay on top of your pricing strategy and understand:

  • How do your competitors price their assortment across different retailers?
  • How do the (neutral and promo) prices of an SKU, brand or category develop over time?
  • What are the retail margins on your products? Compare real-time pricing with regional insights and your own net prices to calculate retail margins.
  • How do your prices fare compared to those of products with similar specifications – whether A-brand or private label?
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