Daltix hackathon


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The challenge

So you’ve spent your money on a nice new 8K television (oh yes they’re coming) but when you arrive home you suddenly realize that you don’t have any DIY tools to fix the television to the wall.  As you don’t have a lot of money left (the TV was totally worth it though), you’d better make sure that you pay the best-price you can find for your DIY tools, they can get very expensive!

To keep the price low you’ll want to have a look at a couple of different webshops however you suddenly noticed that finding the same or even similar products on the different webshops becomes quite tedious and you really don’t want to spend so much time on this, you’ve gotten a new TV after all.

Attempts have been done to make this process easier, a famous dating app has even made a version of their app which allows you to swipe through similar products: However the matches proposed by the app are too low in quality, but wait a minute, you’re a coder, surely you can do better?


The objective

Build a product matching engine for DIY webshops. Not for the purpose of buying products but for the purpose of comparing their prices and promotions.

You’ll be given a dataset (which is a mix of structured data & natural language, Dutch) containing product information of different webshops in Belgium.

Are you able to find the identifiers of exactly the same product on different webshops? The more exact matches you can find, the higher you score.


The details

8th December 2018, 8am @ Daltix Lisbon office

Lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks will be provided!


The price

Winning team gets 500 EUR and you’ll get noticed!



We are looking for 5 teams of 2 – 4 people. Team up! Registrations close 19th November 2018.

We will take your registration in consideration and will confirm your participation before 25th November 2018.


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