About Us

Entrepreneurial endeavor Daltix was founded in the summer of 2016 by Jonas Deprez and a few friends. They started building a smart solution for collecting online retail data. The goal? To bring real-time insights to the world of retail. Today, Daltix serves customers such as Makro, Lidl, Dreamland, Vandemoortele, Lotus Bakeries, …

Our Vision

At Daltix, we dislike superfluous & inefficient work – not for ourselves and not for our customers. Innovation and continuous AI improvements are our road to minimizing manual labor and maximizing returns. While our customers can use the time gained for managing business-critical decisions, we use it to continue our journey to tackling ever more complex challenges.

Our Uniqueness

We have a lot of in-house expertise (and what we don’t have ourselves, we source from our partners). From engineering over data management & analysis to commercial business insight: we try to really think with our customers and to give them what they need to make the best possible decisions.

Our attitude is all about being proactive, fast and responsive; our current scope is to cover the Belgian and Dutch retail market in DIY, FMCG & Food Retail.

Rely on us to automate the collection of price, promo and assortment data, and rest assured that this information is accurate – across channels, categories or even up to the individual SKU level.

Awards & Achievements


Brain Tower

BrainTower is a marketing and sales boutique with a strong experience and network in commercial business, both at multinationals and at SMEs.

From a passion for entrepreneurship, BrainTower has partnered with Daltix to guide us on our ‘business trip’ to success. We can rely on their team of industry experts to introduce us to new contacts, brainstorm about new applications, or help us adjust our solutions to satisfy company needs.

Watch here what they do