Daltix @ RetailDetail Food Congress 2018

Today, Daltix was on stage at the first RetailDetail Food Congress in front of an audience of industry professionals. CEO Jonas Deprez shed a light on some very relevant topics in today's retail landscape. Find out what these topics were below and download the presentation for some interesting insights. 

Daltix at RetailDetail Food Congress 2018

Regional pricing insights

Daltix' pricing insights show that not only Colruyt is using regional pricing differences, also Carrefour Hyper has adopted this strategy. We dived into the data to see the share of products that is affected by this strategy. Turns out that it is 15% or more. Numbers also show the most regionally priced products and the dynamics of regional prices within some categories.

New dynamics to the bio market

With the Act For Food program, Carrefour is bringing the promise of lowest prices in the bio market to Belgium. But how will this promise interact with Colruyt's lowest price guarantee? Daltix gauged for the current situation by tracking the prices of a basket of bio products for both retailers. The results show that the battle will be a very dynamic one where Colruyt is still cheaper for almost 70% of the bio products in the basket we selected.

Jumbo is coming to Belgium

Soon, Jumbo is coming to the Belgian market. With everybody excited to see which impact another lowest price player will have, we used our advanced matching tool powered by machine learning to investigate how prices for a basket of products at Jumbo and Colruyt compare in the last months. For the basket of 600 A-brand products that were analyzed we see that the Dutch Jumbo prices are lower than the Belgian Collect&Go prices for 74% of the product.

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