Daltix & RetailDetail!

Over the past few months, Daltix has teamed up with RetailDetail to explore the world of stunt promos. For those who cannot contain their excitement: the results are available in the article ‘Zo slim reageert Colruyt op stuntpromoties‘, published on RetailDetail’s website.

RetailDetail is Belgium’s biggest platform for retail-related news – and Daltix is Belgium’s hottest supplier of retail data. Obviously, we saw an opportunity to bring together our expertise to bring you some truly interesting insights!

So what did we do exactly?
During the months of May, June and July, we analyzed the promotional calendar of the 4 biggest Belgian retailers to uncover their respective policies concerning the revolutionary stunt promos (think ‘1+1’) which Albert Heijn (AH) introduced to the Belgian market.

Small spoiler: while AH indeed is at the forefront of the 1+1 stunt promo in hard numbers, Delhaize proportionally sees a larger share of 1+1 type promos (29% vs 24%), thanks in no small measure to its anniversary promotions.

Even more interesting is what Colruyt does to safeguard its ‘everyday lowest price’ strategy… but let’s not ruin the fun entirely!

Read the full article here to find out for yourself what clever tricks Colruyt cooked up to counter the stunt promos – and if you feel like these kind of insights would be valuable to your business too, don’t hesitate to push the button here to get in touch!