Intergamma is able to deploy more effective price and promotion policy

Daltix is the data partner for Intergamma, market leader in the DIY sector, and provides daily insights on prices and promotions. These insights enable Intergamma to put an effective price and promo strategy in place. In this way, the data Daltix provides has had a positive impact on the retailer’s business.



“I expect that retail companies will become increasingly data driven. So there is a bright future for further cooperation between Daltix and Intergamma”.

Simon Hansen CIO Intergamma



Intergamma is a leader in the do-it-yourself market who is responsible for the GAMMA and KARWEI formulas on both a proprietary and franchised basis. With almost 400 DIY stores in The Netherlands and Belgium, it is the number 1 in the Benelux and part of the top 15 in Europe. Intergamma is strongly committed to an omnichannel strategy, combining brick-and-mortar stores with online sales.

As a market leader, Intergamma is expected to offer a competitive price. They are often trendsetting in this respect.  Because the price is a determining factor for a consumer’s choice, it is of utmost importance that Intergamma gains insight into the market. The challenge was to know at all times what prices and promotions are in the entire DIY market and to make the right commercial decisions based on the most complete information possible.



In order to implement a successful and efficient pricing and promotion policy, it is essential to be able to compare prices with those of competitors. For identical branded products, this can easily be done on the basis of the EAN or barcode, but this does not apply to private label products. Since private label is common in the DIY sector, this was a major challenge for Daltix and Intergamma.

Daltix made the difference by making these similar private label products comparable through innovative technologies. Taking into account product specifications, Intergamma is able to benchmark the entire assortment against the competition.


Gamma in store machinery pricing



Daltix turned out to be a real business partner for Intergamma. At the start of the collaboration, Intergamma had a number of needs that were discussed together. Based on this, Daltix was able to offer a set of tools that led to better insights into prices and promotions from the competition.


“I found it very enjoyable to work on such an innovative product with a startup.”

Simon Hansen, CIO Intergamma


During the set-up phase of the project, Intergamma’s feedback and needs were taken into account as a way to constantly improve the products and services that Daltix provides. Thanks to Daltix’s quick response, Intergamma really felt as if the tools were being developed together with them.


“Based on Daltix data, we have been able to use effective promotions that have a positive impact on our results.”

Ronald Koelman, Price & Promo Analysis Team Lead


The information that Intergamma receives from Daltix is used to adjust their pricing and promotion policies. In that regards, Daltix delivers insights through convenient dashboards in which the most important information can be interpreted quickly. By mapping the prices and promotions of competitors at any time and for the entire range, Intergamma has been able to deploy more effective promotions. This new data-driven way of working has shown positive results.


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