My first month at Daltix

So today marks my first month at Daltix. To whoever is reading, I have to tell you, it went by fast! At Daltix, you never have a dull moment… But let me start from the beginning. On May 6th I came in to be the new Big Data Engineer in the Data Engineering Chapter along with Simon, Nelson and Manuel, everybody at Daltix was very open to my newly presence, nervously describing their functions. On my first day, I was immediately assigned everything I needed to work (desk, laptop, monitor), and I swiftly got thing configured, have my first task assigned/explained, and off we go.

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Contributing from the very start

I mean, there was a lot to get used to coming into Daltix, like Amazon Web Services (using serverless-oriented services, where I’m already certified) or even Snowflake (I was amazed by this one!), and all of this using the usual suspects in my life such as Github and Python 3. It was great to be already contributing, getting into the nitty-gritty, and feeling like I already had a role, responsibility and accountability on the company, since we also have daily standups to have everyone on check and productive.

In case you’re wondering, no, you don’t need to work insanely long hours. Yes it might happen, but to avoid that we just make sure that while you’re at Daltix, you show up and assume your responsibilities when necessary and keep completing your assigned tasks.


Work smarter, not harder, make your time count.


Last week I completed my first task, and it was great to see the feedback and potential impact it has on other teams, product, and clients. With this experience so far, and since the onboarding got me to learn many different things, I also got the opportunity to help other team members with what I learned.

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Responsibilities and opportunities

Finally, being a Dalton isn’t only working. Yes, we have deadlines. Yes, we have responsibilities and accountability, but it’s more than that: it’s growing with other people, learning with them, their background, religion, culture, music taste, meeting your neighbours (I have 2!), having drinks and birthday cake together, going out together and playing music together (trying to). It’s holding the fort together when problems occur, and celebrating the wins such as new clients!

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Miguel Rodriguez Daltix

Miguel Rodrigues has a Master’s Degree in Informatics from the University of Lisbon. He has experience as a Data Engineer at various organisations and joined Daltix as a Big Data Engineer one month ago.