Our first Hackathon was a success!

Daltix is a fast growing company and open for experimenting new ideas. With this in mind, Daltix conducted their first hackathon on Saturday 8th December 2018. A day full of fun, where more than 20 people worked hard to get a piece of software working to generate incredible data insights.


The Challenge

The teams were challenged to build a product matching engine for DIY webshops. Not for the purpose of buying products but for the purpose of comparing their prices and promotions. They were given a dataset (which is a mix of structured data & natural language in Dutch) containing product information of different webshops in Belgium. They were tasked to identify the exact same products over different webshops where no unique identifier is given. The more exact matches they find, the higher their score.



Great people and great solutions

The afternoon saw an interesting, diverse mix of people: students, coders, data scientists etc. The staff were lovely, the food was amazing, and the atmosphere was great. Our team, judges, and partners were very impressed with the solutions created, and we can’t wait to see the solutions our hackers will create for our future hackathons.


“The hackathon experience was unbelievably great. It helped in hacking various code levels in less than 24 hours, trying to work different strategies to the data shared and interesting discussion with team mates, but it was also good fun.”

One of our attendees shares a few words about his first experience at the Daltix Hackathon.


Daltix rewarded the winning team ‘DIYnder’ with the 500 euros prize. DIYnder won because they took some time to look at the data before using complex machine learning techniques. They were followed-up by ‘Beer Pressure’.

It’s great to see the teams still worked on their solutions and even beated the score of the winning team after the hackathon was closed. Watch the leaderboard to see their scores.


See you soon!

Overall, It was a great event for Daltix and the participants. We will be launching more such events, as it marry’s into our culture of continuously learning and growing through our open day programs and future hackathons.


Stay tuned and follow our Facebook or Linkedin pages to participate in future events.