Reduce your Time To Market? Here’s how! (Unilever)

Category managers need to keep track of the unicity of their assortments. Unfortunately, collecting product specifications can be very labor-intensive. That’s why Daltix helped Alexander Vervaeke (Category Manager Ice Cream at Unilever) to quickly and accurately map the different ice cream SKU’s on the market.

Assortment analysis through Daltix can give you a clearer view on what your competitors are doing to sell their products. At Daltix we can take care of processing the specifications of other relevant products from your competitors’ to assist you in keeping or making a claim in the marketplace. Our assortment analyses use automated processes so that we can quickly get you the results you need to move forward.

Unilever asked Daltix to make an assortment analysis of the scooped ice cream market to investigate if they could make an on-pack reduction claim. The analysis is based on data from February 2018.

Testimonial by Alexander Vervaeke, Category Manager Ice Cream Unilever

“Consumers are more and more conscious of their nutritional choices. Unilever takes this into consideration even within the ice cream category. This is why, earlier this year, we launched Breyers: ice cream with less calories, less sugar and high in protein. Daltix delivered the nutritional values (calories, sugars, fat) of every ice cream product on the market, which allowed for a quick comparison between Breyers and the rest. Moreover, this overview of nutritional values is of help to build stronger trade stories to our customers.”


Comparing Unilever’s “Breyers” scooped ice cream to 80 other SKU’s on the market, Daltix generated a report focusing on nutrional value (some results shown below). Based on these insights, Unilever can clearly make the on-pack claim that “Breyers” contains at least 30% less sugar, kcal and fats when compared to equivalent products being sold in Belgian retail.