The story behind the onions… (and a good story it is!)

Recently, we were working hard again on our journey to attain perfect laziness when we noticed something… remarkable.

While analyzing our latest harvest of data from the different e-commerce websites, we spotted some anomalies: promo prices that were higher than the neutral price, price differences of >100%, …
And above all: a product offered for the glorious sum of 0 (zero!) euros.

Let us tell you, few things can grab our attention like free products. So, we immediately jumped on this opportunity to beef up our poor start-up entrepreneurial lifestyles and ordered ourselves over 1 ton of onions in the hopes that they would last us a lifetime (kind of).

‘Great!’, you will think. ‘Awesome!’, we thought – until we had to figure out how to transport 1T of products. Even more: what to do with all these onions, without letting them go to waste? Thankfully, we love a good challenge and complex problems, so in the end, we figured it out.

The 240 kilos of onion (for that is what we eventually received from a very friendly store manager – the rest was not in stock) was used for the greater good, because who doesn’t love a happy ending:

  • 150 kilos went to Foodsavers, an organization that collects food left-overs via a logistics platform and redistributes them to charities in Ghent.
  • 50 kilos were used to make delicious, delightful and oh-so-free onion soup to fill the stomachs of our hungry fellow entrepreneurs at StartIt.

And with that, we transformed our greed into a good deed (see what we did there?), the same way we transform masses of data into manageable insights.

Anyway, if you want to see more pictures of the battlefield that is cutting over 50 kilos of onions (trust us – goggles were used, tears were shed and fingers were cut), please visit (and like!) our Facebook page or go to the official publication!