These 5 companies have more insight in their price, promotion and assortment strategy.

Looking for a tool that offers more insight into your price, promo and brand positioning? Or do you want to compare your assortment to that of your competitors? Daltix can help you efficiently and effectively address these issues. Continue reading to find what our customers have to say about their collaboration with Daltix!

Makro has a better understand of its own price positioning vis-à-vis that of its competitors.

“Daltix’s expertise has given us more insight in the online market. We appreciated the way they collaborate, think up tailor-made solutions and how far they go in terms of flexibility and speed of execution. Great to work with!”

A price positioning exercise helps with deciding on how to differentiate your pricing versus that of others. Take the knowledge to adapt & finetune your strategy per category/brand.


Daltix helps the key account managers at Lotus Bakeries with tracking their prices across retailers.

“Great working with Daltix. They know what they are doing. They are super flexible and proactive in their approach. Their tool is very user-friendly. Their willingness to raise the bar is one of their strengths.”

By using real-time data, Daltix can compare prices across retailers (both pure players and brick & mortar). Price differences can be mapped down to the lever of regional or even local stores. Having these ‘hard data’ at hand certainly may strengthen one’s position during negotiations.


Daltix benchmarked Brantano with respect to it’s primary competitor in terms of pricing and assortment.

“Daltix was the perfect partner for us, they were highly efficient. I was very impressed by the analytical work they did. They immediately understood our business. This way we got insights that helped us make decisions.”

An assortment analysis can clarify how to set your assortment apart from your competitors.


With the help of Daltix, Trade Sense understands which brands follow which promo strategy for maximal impact upon a product launch.

“Daltix’s easy-to-read graphs on promo frequency and promo depth helped me with introducing and promoting a new brand to the Belgian market. Super useful date for budgeting the launch plan for maximal impact with minimal means!”

Daltix’s Promo Explorer delivers structured insights into the promo depth,  frequency, length and mechanisms used by competitors.


Thanks to Daltix, Bomedys knows what it’s competitors’ assortments will look like and which pricing strategy to follow when launching a new product in a new category.

“In the context of a new product entry, Daltix has provided us with some very useful analyses of the market structure and the pricing strategy of the different players.”

When entering a new market, Daltix can offer insights into the market structure and into the pricing strategy followed by other players in the market. This can be done quickly and automatically, reducing the time to market.


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