This is what Daltix
stands for.

Integrity is our superpower.

We are transparent with our data lineage, curation and quality. We communicate openly and honestly, with each other. We recognise that our team members are the humans behind our data and for this reason we support and respect each other.

We envision and build the future of data.

We adapt quickly and improve every day. We actively search for better ways to do what we do, forever learning. We are the bold pioneers to attempting the necessary impossible to get ahead. We aim high and are dedicated to results. We are the force behind each goal.

Collaboration is key.

We value the energy of creating something together. Every raised hand and voice heard makes a difference to our team. We believe working together should include joy.

Join Daltix!

At Daltix, we value the work we do by offering competitive compensation, important benefits and useful perks. We believe in integrity, collaboration and a focus on the future

We are an open and joyful space for work, with a human-first approach. We strive for flexibility by nurturing work-life balance.  We work where and when we are at our best.

We are always looking for like-minded people to join our team! 


We support our customers active in
FMCG retail by offloading them of resources needed to get quality data.

We never stop curating the quality of our data so that our customers can trust they have the correct facts at hand. Our data is highly accurate and accessible insights helping to propel our customers’ businesses further.