Our people

We are the ‘Daltons’: a lazy group of engineers-turned-entrepreneur.

By ‘lazy’, we mean that we dislike superfluous and inefficient work, both for ourselves and for our customers. Innovation and continuous AI improvements are our road to minimizing manual labor and maximizing returns.

While our customers can use the time gained for managing business-critical decisions, we use it to continue our journey to ever more complex challenges.



Digital Disruptor

Inspired by the digital and business world alike, Jonas focuses on bridging the gap between both to enable digital innovation and disruption.
While working hard is the Olympic minimum, he believes that a passionate and trustworthy team is key to erasing the word ‘impossible’ from the dictionary.


Technology Visionary

Passionate about technology and problem solving, Simon makes sure to stay out of his comfort zone as much as possible.
New challenges allow him to construct a ‘bigger picture’-view on the various technologies and their applications, and to find innovative uses that create added value.
Stig Viaene

Stig Viaene

Problem Solver

Whether it’s designing a complex software system, cracking an artificially intelligent nut, or moving a tonne of onions (wait for it), Stig is all about solving problems.
He strongly believes that when the right people come together, nothing is impossible, both in data and far beyond.


BrainTower is a marketing and sales boutique with a strong experience and network in commercial business, both at multinationals and at SMEs.

From a passion for entrepreneurship, BrainTower has partnered with Daltix to guide us on our ‘business trip’ to success. We can rely on their team of industry experts to introduce us to new contacts, brainstorm about new applications, or help us adjust our solutions to satisfy company needs.

Visit the BrainTower website to learn more about our partners in crime Jan (business development), Sara (sales & account management), Caroline (marketing & communication), Gerrit (DIY & SMEs) and Gerald (In-store Excellence).

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