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Daltix is a young company from Ghent (BE) with offices in Boom (BE) and Lisbon (PT) bringing real-time insights to the world of retail. Using state-of-the-art tools we gather, process and analyze price, promotion and assortment data from webshops. This data is turned into actionable insights for the right people at the right time by extracting high level insights, introducing more structure with A.I. techniques, and enriching the information with alternative data sources. These insights are used by retailers and suppliers to help them in their market positioning.

Our team is present in 2 amazing countries: we have an office in Ghent and Boom (Belgium) and one in the heart of Lisbon (Portugal). We chose Lisbon as our engineering base because the city offers entrepreneurial and tech opportunities (also, we like sunshine). Our team consists of both locals and expats and embraces 7 different nationalities thus far. We work hard as a team to achieve our goals but we also take the time to enjoy ourselves through monthly team activities or the occasional well-deserved beer!

Culture and Perks

Health Benefits – Comprehensive coverage for medical
Tech Perks – Work with the latest tech stack like AWS and SPARK on a laptop of choice
Work Life Balance – We trust you to know your schedule and work when you feel most productive
Learning and Development – Attend meet-up, conferences, and event sessions that interest you and benefit your personal and career growth
Meal allowance – Monthly meal card along with a fully stocked kitchen with enough coffee and fruits, along with monthly team drinks and dinners

Our Values

    • Responsible: Be there when s***t goes down. Be accountable. Be there for your team. Don’t destroy the rainforest.
    • Open-minded: Be curious. You never know it all -> stay humble. 1 + 1 = 3. Be willing to challenge the status quo. Listen to others. Be respectful.
    • Smart & ambitious: Always try to improve. Always keep on learning. Strive to be the best you can. Use the best technologies available. Be tech savvy. Be customer savvy.
    • Agile: Be willing to respond to changes. Be hands-on. Don’t over engineer.
    • Share: Share your problems as individual/team/company. You should still ask for help when needed. Share your successes as individual/team/company. We don’t want to be some unknown company.

Tech stack

Airflow       AWS       Elasticsearch           Snowflake      Apache Spark

Want to join us in Belgium or Lisbon?

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Only applications in English will be accepted. Thanks for understanding.

Engineering Manager (Lisbon)

Daltix needs to be cutting edge & it can only do that with a strongly lead engineering team and with a strong collaboration with the business side.
You’ll be responsible for creating this, which will entail:

  • Hiring of engineers.
  • Evaluation of engineering team.
  • Define the system in which engineers can effectively build software together with business teams (sales, product managers, marketing)

Distributed Systems Engineer (Lisbon)

In this role you will ensure that our data collection engine, which consists of distributed web crawlers, is state of the art and ahead of our competition. You will ensure that we can scrape any webshop, no matter the ban-detection that has been put in place. Next to that it will be important that the proper monitoring tools are in place as we are scraping more than > 50 different webshops and that number is only going to increase.

Big Data Engineer(Lisbon)

Our data engineering team extends and maintain the various data pipelines that are at the heart of our business.

We are a data-driven company which collects and processes more than 500GB of raw data daily. We leverage big data technologies such as Spark on AWS EMR to crunch these volumes of data and make it queryable.

In this role you will ensure uptime, quality, and build upon our mission-critical Spark and Scala/Python frameworks that turns the HTML of millions of retail web pages into structured JSON, CSV & ORC formats.

Junior Software Engineer (Lisbon)

As a Software Engineer, you’ll help expanding our system to collect data from more and new webshops. This involves inspecting and analyzing the website’s structure, determining which data to extract, and cleaning the extracted data. This is done using the Python language, which is one of the most popular languages for data analysis & science nowadays.

Intern Operations Support (Lisbon)

We are a fast growing startup and we are looking for an intern to support operations. Operations includes both project delivery & organisation development. We are looking for someone who can work independent on a broad range of tasks including project follow-up, planning, team development, company communication, process & procedure definition etc

Medior Data Scientist (Lisbon)

We are looking for someone with experience that is capable of taking over a specific project and research and implement a workable solution on a production environment.

Full Stack Team – UI Developer / JS Front End Developer (Lisbon)

In this role you’ll be responsible for creating UI designs and implementing them using the stack we work with here at Daltix. Moving towards the future Daltix aims to include dynamic, data-rich dashboards as part of their offering to Clients – this work will be focused on JavaScript technologies, in particular Angular. An understanding of how front-end dashboards are deployed is useful in the role but not required.

Intern Software Engineer (Lisbon)

We’re currently looking for students & interns. We can offer a fun working environment in the city center of Lisbon. You get a lot of flexibility in your job as in your working hours. There’s a possibility to work from home, university or any other convenient place for you.As a young profile, you’ll get the chance to gain a lot of experience in software development, keeping production systems healthy as well as managing other people.

Medior Data Analyst (Lisbon)

You will be working on projects that deliver immediate value to our customers. These will involve extracting & analyzing data to produce insights and reports for our customers who are major retailers and suppliers. (Data) Quality will be important  focus when doing these projects. Besides that you will also be cleaning, analyzing and extracting datasets from external sources as well as visualizing data using Tableau/Excel.

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