Engineering Manager (Lisbon)

Daltix needs to be cutting edge & it can only do that with a strongly led engineering team and with a strong collaboration with the business side. You will not be writing software, but you will manage projects and the people who do.


  • Delivery of Software
  • The composition of the engineering teams
    • Constant evaluation of current engineering team;
    • Identify gaps in resources and skills
    • Propose and manage the changes in teams/ team structure
  • Frequent collaborations with the team leads.
  • Define the system in which engineers can effectively build software together with commercial teams (sales, product managers, marketing).
  • Company wide project management
    • Having a clear understanding of how work flows within the organization.
    • Knowing what the current capacity is and planning what the future capacity needs to be. (capacity planning) → recruiting.
    • Define and evaluate outsource opportunities.
    • You focus on the delivery of the SW projects and know how to report this to business.
    • Manage projects, take ownership and collaborate with key stakeholders.
  • The bridge between engineering and business priorities
    • Represent the engineering department in management.
    • Be the voice of management priorities to the engineering team.
  • You are responsible for making the right trade-offs based on the defined priorities.

Key traits:

  • You love managing people and projects.
  • You have an engineering background.
    • You understand the technologies we’re working with.
  • You’re communicative, structured, decisive, proactive and you have a problem solving mindset.
  • You have an interest in both the big data and retail world.
  • Working in a highly complex and challenging startup environment with a variety of engineers makes you happy!
  • You are highly proficient in spoken and written English.
  • You are able to own your mistakes in a constructive way.

Key experiences:

  • You have 2+ years of experience in managing engineering teams.
  • You have 5+ years hands on experience in SW engineering in an agile environment.
  • You have experience in leading and managing teams in an agile environment.
  • Working experience in tech scale-ups is a big plus.

What makes you successful in the job:

  • You can compose high performance teams
    • Define and facilitate constructive  ways of working and communication.
    • The right talent on the right spot.
    • Continuously improve the barrier in team performance
  • You can help to define a standardized way of engineering at Daltix → how do we tackle new problems.
  • You are very transparent on the needed resource changes and its implications.
  • You keep the workload manageable for the engineers.
    • Keep the engineers productive.
    • Look for the right prioritization at the business side.
  • You ensure business clearly knows where the engineering problems (timings, capacity, stress-level) lay and how we can solve them + when.
  • You can present a transparent overview of deadlines, issues to engineering and business.