Pricing Insights

Prices change on a daily basis. Stay on top and in the know, or lose your competitive edge. Unfortunately, gathering these data manually is labor-intensive, expensive and causes errors.
This is where Daltix comes in. Daltix automates the collection of data and translates them into pricing insights. Via our dashboard or custom alerts – you will be the first to know what happens when and where.


Product Prices

  • Automatically track prices on a daily basis and receive price alerts whenever a relevant price change occurs.
  • Daltix helps you maintain your competitive edge. Follow prices on a national or regional level, or compare to private label products.
  • Field sales teams are only human and prone to making errors: new products may go unnoticed for some time, prices may be jotted down erroneously.
  • Daltix accurately tracks these price changes and new product entries, and delivers them to you – week-by-week or day-by day. Choose your relevant category(ies) and stay on top of your game.
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Price Categorisation

  • Structure and categorize your assortment to discover potential gaps in the market. Do you lack visibility in a certain segment? Do you need to adjust your pricing somewhere?
    Daltix automatically collects the necessary data to make this analysis.
  • Benchmark your pricing cross-channel or cross-category.
  • With Daltix, you are not limited to a per-category or channel overview. Get your data across channels and categories for a true full-market overview.

Pricing Alignment

  • Who initiates a price change and who follows?
  • How long does this take?
  • How do competitors respond to your pricing strategy?
  • Unvail the price alignment strategies of your competitors.
  • Use objective data to bolster your negotiation position and counter price erosion.

Regional Price Differences
Compare prices on a national or regional level – and adjust your strategy accordingly. From retailers over categories to SKUs.

Price History
Discover how a product price evolves over time. Historical data reveal the highest, lowest, average, … price across retailers or categories for your chosen time period.

Price Benchmarking
Benchmark your prices to those of your competitors for similar products (including private label) and reduce your Time to Market.
Entering a new market or launching a new product? Make informed decisions based the insights Daltix provides into the market structure and the pricing strategy followed by the different players.


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