Ever wanted to know more about your market? We’re offering you a platform for real-time retail insights in Food, FMCG and DIY. Improve your negotiation position based on facts and figures. Build your perfect price, promotion and assortment strategy. Develop a unique positioning, identifying gaps and evolutions in the market.

How can we help you?

Data expertise

You do business in a challenging competitive landscape with an accelerating migration to online. This landscape is marked by daily changes in price, promotion and assortment. In order to stay in sync with your market, gathering, analyzing and interpreting data is more important than ever. Therefore data expertise is a must.

Business partner

We’re a business partner combining big data expertise with retail experience. As a result, we’re fast to value. Not only do we offer a full and dynamic overview of your competitive landscape in FMCG and DIY. Daltix also provides you with a powerful platform to get fast insights on your own or our data. We do this cross-channel, cross-border and cross-category, making use of cutting-edge technologies, such as matching and machine learning. Our platform is fast and accurate, enabling you to act in real-time.

Read the Intergamma business case here

Smart benchmarking

Advanced techniques using artificial intelligence enable smart benchmarking between brands and private label, even with different pack sizes. Compare data insights across categories, brands and products, all within a flexible platform. Daltix enables analysis between different channels, traditional, omnichannel and pure players.

Flexible data and insight delivery

Benefit from flexible data and insight delivery methods through our platform. Our beautifully crafted, easy-to-use dashboards allow you to discover insights on price, promotions and assortment fast. The platform also enables exports in BI, Excel or CSV format, resulting in optimal flexibility. Even custom integrations with your own data are possible.