Assortment insights

Retailers and suppliers need to keep their assortment competitive at all times. Analyzing the market, keeping an eye on the competitive field, tracking prices and signaling opportunities are part of the job description.

So are developing a new category or launching a new product. Map your competitors’ assortments based on granular data including individual SKUs’ product specifications to make the right decisions.

Assess the Competitive Uniqueness & Overlap

Whether you are in retail or manufacturing, it’s important to know your competition. Daltix can give you a complete view of your competitive playing field.

  • Monitor or analyze traditional retail and pure players.
  • Identify assortment overlap by exact and similar product matching across A-brands and private label.
  • Don’t miss in & outs in your category by receiving custom alerts as they happen.

Combine the insights on assortment composition and overlap with intelligent price and promo data to really get a step ahead of the competition.

Spot Trends In The Market

The retail landscape is evolving towards a more sustainable and conscious offering. Be sure to keep an eye on these trends by tracking labels like Nutri-Score, Organic, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, etc. Or others like Energy labels, Eco labels, etc. Make sure your products are up to par with your competitors’ offering and never miss out on consumer trends.

Drive Product Innovation

When launching a new product, an analysis of the existing products’ ingredients or specifications makes sure your positioning is spot on. Also it helps creating a trade story your customers will love. A super-efficient and complete analysis for A-brands and private labels reduces your time-to-market.  By continuously tracking the competitor products’ DNA you can quickly spot evolutions and take proactive measures.

See the use case for Unilever’s Breyers.