Assortment Insights

A category manager needs to keep his/her assortment competitive at all times. Analyzing the market, keeping an eye on the competitive field, tracking prices and signaling opportunities are part of the job description.

So is launching a new product on the market. Map your competitors’ assortments based on granular data (including individual SKUs’ product specifications) to make the right decisions.


Assortment uniqueness general

How unique is your assortment? Rely on our assortment analysis to discover how to further differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Support product claims

A product claim needs to be able to withstand rigorous scrutiny.
By basing yours on a thorough assortment analysis down to the level of individual product specifications, you can substantiate your claim with factual, objective data.
What’s more? Daltix can deliver these data rapidly and accurately for a reduced Time to Market.


New Product Entry
When entering a new market, you better be prepared.
An assortment analysis by Daltix helps you’d better understand the market structure and your competitors’ assortments.

Out-of-stock & Distribution in DIY
Do our partners maintain sufficient stock? Are all points of sales covered or are we missing out on distribution?
Act upon our up-to-date info and alerts to avoid lost sales.

Be the first to identify product innovations and market trends. Dive deeper into product specifications and price deviations to understand what is happening, and plan accordingly to be a first mover.

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