Price & promo engine

FMCG, DIY and other markets are more dynamic than ever. In order to be on top of your game each and every day, you need your intelligence to be as dynamic as the market. The Price & Promo modules provide you with:

  • Real-time price and promotion data
  • The most complete market insights
  • Consumer prices with full integration of promotions

All of this is possible cross-country, cross-retailer and cross-category.

Strategic Price Positioning

A price positioning exercise should always be based on the most complete market intelligence. The Price & Promo Engine ensures a full view on market dynamics:

  • Benefit from the transformation of complex promotions into monetary values.
  • Uncover market alignment strategies by cleverly combining price data with promotion data.
  • Compare price levels of similar and identical A-brands and private labels thanks to our matching tool.

Read the Intergamma business case here


The real-time data flow allows you to set custom information alerts based on your own business rules.

  • Prices are reported exactly as seen in the market, not based on averages.
  • We collect regional price and promotion data up to single store level.
  • Geographic visualizations allow for quick interpretation.

Professional Services

All price and promotion data can be made available through easy-to-use and intuitive dashboards. However, if your specific business needs require another form of visualization or functionality, Daltix can provide:

  • Custom visualizations and analyses
  • Raw data in Excel or CSV
  • An integration with your in-house data