Promo explorer

Uncovering promotion strategies has never been more straightforward. Our Promo Explorer gathers all relevant data like promo mechanisms, depth, etc. The use of comprehensive dashboards allows you to look through the clutter and quickly find the data you really need to build your next commercial strategy. Integrate your in-house data to really measure ROI.

Intelligent Promotion Strategy

A full overview of the promotional activities in your competitive environment is a must for setting out your promo policy. The Promo Explorer offers a comprehensive view of the market.

  • Integration of information on all levels in a calendar view.
  • Allowing a drill down from category or brand to SKU level.
  • Deep dive into the promo mechanisms used by competitors.

Read the Intergamma business case here

Full Market Overview

More and more promotions are outside of traditional channels. With the Promo Explorer you’ll never miss a single promotion in the market.

  • Go further than folders and traditional media.
  • Uncover local promotions. Go as deep as individual shop level.
  • Thanks to complex promo processing, you won’t miss a thing.

Professional Services

Benchmark your promo strategy to the competition in a custom analysis fully tailored to your needs. Go a step further by integrating sell-out data in the analysis to measure ROI. We help you create a solid base to start from when composing your next promo strategy.