DaltixMatching tutorial

27 april 2022

By Hélène le noir – Data consultant at daltix

How does DaltixMatching work?

In order to make solid business decisions it is crucial to have the most accurate product/pricing data at your disposal. At Daltix, we make it easy for you to follow products in your assortment at retailers of your choice.

How does this happen, you might wonder? Firstly, you provide Daltix with a list of products you wish to track, which Daltix uses as a reference. After ingesting these reference products, our matching engine does its magic. Based on different algorithms, Daltix produces high quality matches between products of your assortment and the product at the retailer.  EAN-based matches are automatically approved since we know they share the same barcode and match suggestions based on other algorithms are placed in review for your approval.

What if no EAN-match could be found? Then you can look for suggested matches or even make matches on your own!

The end result? You get to compare price/product information over time and across different retailers. This allows you to make solid business decisions by either using our price engine dashboards or by integrating the data internally to gain insights. 

If you are interested in DaltixMatching and how it can work for you, let us know by dropping us a message at info@daltix.com.

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