Daltix: a no-nonsense tool that ticks all the right boxes!

Daltix: a no-nonsense tool that ticks all the right boxes!

By Koen Van Renne, Key Account Manager @ Vandemoortele Ghent

A Key Account Manager is preoccupied with tracking the current market situation (assortment distribution, promotions, price evaluations, …) on a near-daily basis, both for one’s own and one’s competitors’ assortments.

This information, however, is often only inconsistently available. Registering the required data is a labor-intensive task for the field force, and mistakes are easily made… Also, the data are not available in real time and are often the result of ad hoc registrations. Yet, a quick response to the market requires error-free data that are available anywhere, anytime.

After using Daltix’s dashboard for a few weeks, Koen Van Renne (KAM at Vandemoortele) was amazed at how efficient, clear and accurate it is:

“The dashboard is easy-to-use and has useful selection options. I can quickly access the required data, visualize them and (if necessary), copy them to emails, presentations or other documents. This way, I can track our and our competitors’ SKU distribution and price evolution across all relevant retailers wherever and whenever I want.

No more waiting for price registrations by the field – a demanding process that is now relegated to the past. The field can again focus on their core business: sales and instore excellence & execution.

The dashboard provides me with all the data I need to accurately simulate my customers’ margins. This strengthens my negotiation position, but also simplifies the task of following up on business plans. Joint Value Creation still is a key communal objective for retailers and suppliers alike.

In addition to tracking price changes, I use the tool to benchmark the promotional activity in different categories with our own promo strategy. What are our competitors up to? How often do they run a promo, how deep are they and how long do they last?

All of this has helped me in building a clear view on my customers’ prices, margins and promotions – knowledge that is increasingly important in the ever-more competitive retail environment of today.”

Conclusion: “A no-nonsense tool that ticks all the right boxes for any KAM!”

Koen Van Renne, 02/03/2018

Wordt de suikertaks al doorgerekend aan de consument?

Wordt de suikertaks al doorgerekend aan de consument?

(Update: data-analyse 8 januari) Intussen heeft Daltix een update van de cijfers gemaakt. Hieruit is gebleken dat Albert Heijn een inhaalbeweging heeft ingezet: iets meer dan 30% van het frisdrankenassortiment is in prijs verhoogd. Ook Carrefour heeft ondertussen een kleine 7% van zijn prijzen in de categorie aangepast. Colruyt zit aan bijna 70% van het frisdrankenassortiment, Delhaize aan 81%.

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Sinterklaas is in het land… maar waar deed hij de beste koopjes?

Sinterklaas is in het land… maar waar deed hij de beste koopjes?

Je hebt het waarschijnlijk wel gehoord: de sint is in het land.

Terwijl kinderen in spanning afwachten wat er morgen voor de schoorsteen zal liggen, doken wij alvast in de wondere wereld van het speelgoed.

Hiervoor keken we naar 10 producten* in verschillende speelgoedcategorieën en volgden we op hoe de prijzen de afgelopen 4 weken (01/11 tot 01/12) evolueerden bij Fun, Dreamland, Collishop en bol.com.

Op basis daarvan hebben we een paar interessante lessen getrokken. We raden de sint aan om de pdf zeker te downloaden voor het volledige verslag – misschien kan hij volgend jaar wel een aanzienelijk bedrag besparen?

Download pdf

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AH NL en BE: identiek… of toch niet?

AH NL en BE: identiek… of toch niet?

Onze Daltix-analysten bogen zich over het assortiment van Albert Heijn in België en Nederland en bestudeerden alle 27.836 referenties die werden terugvonden op de websites ah.be en ah.nl.

Deze momentopname (data op basis van vrijdag 13/10) leverde een aantal opvallende inzichten op…

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Daltix & RetailDetail!

Over the past few months, Daltix has teamed up with RetailDetail to explore the world of stunt promos. For those who cannot contain their excitement: the results are available in the article ‘Zo slim reageert Colruyt op stuntpromoties‘, published on RetailDetail’s website.

RetailDetail is Belgium’s biggest platform for retail-related news – and Daltix is Belgium’s hottest supplier of retail data. Obviously, we saw an opportunity to bring together our expertise to bring you some truly interesting insights!

So what did we do exactly?
During the months of May, June and July, we analyzed the promotional calendar of the 4 biggest Belgian retailers to uncover their respective policies concerning the revolutionary stunt promos (think ‘1+1’) which Albert Heijn (AH) introduced to the Belgian market.

Small spoiler: while AH indeed is at the forefront of the 1+1 stunt promo in hard numbers, Delhaize proportionally sees a larger share of 1+1 type promos (29% vs 24%), thanks in no small measure to its anniversary promotions.

Even more interesting is what Colruyt does to safeguard its ‘everyday lowest price’ strategy… but let’s not ruin the fun entirely!

Read the full article here to find out for yourself what clever tricks Colruyt cooked up to counter the stunt promos – and if you feel like these kind of insights would be valuable to your business too, don’t hesitate to push the button here to get in touch!

The Birdhouse


We know, we know… it’s kind of predictable, but our Daltix hummingbird was invited to join accelerator the Birdhouse. Seems the jury members found Simon’s ambition to buy Google pretty charming. In any case, their invaluable network is sure to further kickstart our products & services!



Lately, we’ve been on a roll!

Only last Tuesday (05/07), Jonas represented Daltix at Pitch@Vlerick, an initiative by the Vlerick Business School that enables alumni to pitch their idea in front of a business angel audience. And guess what? We managed to get the first place, along with a wild card to present our retail insight solutions to an audience of over 200 angels… Exciting!

The story behind the onions… (and a good story it is!)

Recently, we were working hard again on our journey to attain perfect laziness when we noticed something… remarkable.

While analyzing our latest harvest of data from the different e-commerce websites, we spotted some anomalies: promo prices that were higher than the neutral price, price differences of >100%, …
And above all: a product offered for the glorious sum of 0 (zero!) euros.

Let us tell you, few things can grab our attention like free products. So, we immediately jumped on this opportunity to beef up our poor start-up entrepreneurial lifestyles and ordered ourselves over 1 ton of onions in the hopes that they would last us a lifetime (kind of).

‘Great!’, you will think. ‘Awesome!’, we thought – until we had to figure out how to transport 1T of products. Even more: what to do with all these onions, without letting them go to waste? Thankfully, we love a good challenge and complex problems, so in the end, we figured it out.

The 240 kilos of onion (for that is what we eventually received from a very friendly store manager – the rest was not in stock) was used for the greater good, because who doesn’t love a happy ending:

  • 150 kilos went to Foodsavers, an organization that collects food left-overs via a logistics platform and redistributes them to charities in Ghent.
  • 50 kilos were used to make delicious, delightful and oh-so-free onion soup to fill the stomachs of our hungry fellow entrepreneurs at StartIt.

And with that, we transformed our greed into a good deed (see what we did there?), the same way we transform masses of data into manageable insights.

Anyway, if you want to see more pictures of the battlefield that is cutting over 50 kilos of onions (trust us – goggles were used, tears were shed and fingers were cut), please visit (and like!) our Facebook page or go to the official pub.be publication!

Allow us to present… the Daltons & Co(libri)

A team of 3 engineers-turned-entrepreneur (we are currently a Dalton short, but we’re sure that won’t take long) with a passion for problems and a knack for solving them.

‘We’ are Jonas, Stig and Simon, and Daltix (a contraction of ‘data analytics’) is our journey beyond data. If you want to know more about us, the people behind the tech, feel free to read through the about us page.

What we mean by that, you say? Simple: Daltix is dedicated to cracking the nut of how to make the mass of online retail data manageable and useful. To this end, we have worked, labored, toiled and exerted ourselves to create a fancy Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist us with the collection and enrichment of data from e-commerce websites.

Every day, we work, labor, toil and exert ourselves even more to make the whole process even better and faster, and our insights even more to-the-point. An ambitious goal, we know, but then again:  we don’t believe in ‘impossible’, only in ‘think and try harder!’.

Of course, we are not the only ones traveling our road: on the way, we met the people from BrainTower, a marketing and sales boutique with a long experience with and network in the (Belgian) market. Their passion for entrepreneurship and their belief in digitization as the way forward rung true with us. As such, we have decided to complete our journey hand-in-hand, and to let the experienced minds of Jan, Gerrit, Sara, Caroline and Gerald guide us on our way when and where necessary.

With our tech savviness and will to succeed and BrainTower’s commercial expertise and network, we are certain to tackle any further challenges head-on!

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