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Product Matching made easy.

DaltixMatching is an interactive data matching tool.

FMCG products are matched in three different ways to achieve the best results; fully automated EAN matches, suggested product matching algorithms and manually created.

  1. The use of deep learning automatically categorises products.
  2.  Data push into unstructured search optimised databases, such as elasticsearch, achieving better product matching.
  3. Queryable relations between products that have certain similarities become automatically accessible in your dataset.

NEW FEATURE! Embrace the power of the new Side-by-Side product comparison. Effortlessly and accurately compare products with the competition. Compare quality metrics, descriptions, volumes, ingredients and Nutri-Scores in one easy view.

Daltix matching multi-product comparison

Retail data you can trust.

Price data

Monitor and compare pricing of your products to the competition.
Complete data with other sources, such as field data.

Promotion data

A clear promotion database allows you to compare promotion timings, discount levels, mechanics and conditions.

Product data

Benchmark your FMCG products and product specifications to the competition. Product tracking and product analytics can be very detailed.

Location data

Get a regionality check with data per store location. Track regional pricing strategies and get clarity on omnichannel effectiveness.

The data journey
at Daltix.

Data collection

We collect information on over 8 million products every day.  

Data structure

Structuring data requires a deep understanding of technologies for set-up, selection and maintenance.  

Data cleaning and quality

Processing over 35 million data points daily makes datasets very complete to gain insights from. 

Data storage, integration and analysis

Easily integrate Daltix data to other sources.  Data exchange via sFTP makes access seamless.

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