How retail can leverage big data.

15 january 2022

Big data in retail isn't leveraged to the fullest.

In this webinar, we will discuss how big data in retail is an untapped resource for retailers.  Dirk Degelaen, Head of Sales at Daltix, will host this webinar, taking you through the reasons why data is so important in the retail industry.  But not just any data.  Retailers often have multiple sources of data, making analysis difficult.  When deciding on your data provider, make sure they can cover as many data sources as you possibly need and that they focus on the quality of that data.

The specific agenda points for this webinar is an introduction of what type of data Daltix collects, structures and cleans so that it is ready to be made available to its customers.  Dirk also gives very specific examples and insights on changes in the retail market, referencing the impact of a global pandemic on the retail industry.  The insights were made using our own data.

This webinar is 45 minutes short and in English.

You can ask Dirk more questions by contacting us or by connecting with Dirk on LinkedIn here.

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