GBFoods' need for
field data integration.

One of Europe’s leading food companies, with a passion for and portfolio built on strong brands, such as Aiki Noodles, Devos&Lemmens, Royco, Liebig, among others.



The data challenge

GBFoods needed easy and frequent access to a holistic market overview of pricing data of their own products compared to their Belgian competitors. The pricing data needed to include regular pricing as well as for products in promotion and should ideally incorporate both online data and field data.

The Daltix Solution

Daltix coordinates not only online data, but also all field data collection, and combines the two datasources into one structured and downloadable database.

The power of Daltix

GBFoods increased productivity by 3 hours a week as team members no longer had to spend time manipulating field data to match their database structure. This freed the team up to focus on other core business metrics.

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