Daltix Introduces its
Data Quality Indicators.

14 february 2023

Daltix introduces its Data Quality Indicators to ensure complete data transparency

Data providers say they provide quality data, but do they really?  If they don’t provide customers with a clear outline of how they test their own data for quality, you should get suspicious.

Our promise is to provide data you can trust.  In order to deliver on that promise, we’ve developed and introduced the Daltix Data Quality Indicators.  These DQIs have been introduced so that we can provide full transparency to our data and its quality, on the most detailed level for our customers.

What does quality data mean?

Since Daltix’ data is based on what retailers provide on their websites or based on what we get from field teams, it’s possible this data sometimes contains suspicious or erroneous values.  To give you an example, a promotion price could be higher than the original price, or there could be an odd sudden jump in price by more than 1000%.  The source of these errors could be twofold: on the retailer side or in Daltix’ own data processing. No matter where the erroneous source lies, our main goal is to provide impeccable data.  Throughout the data value chain, we tag suspicious, anomalous or invalid data.

Screenshot of a dashboard showing data quality

How do the Data Quality Indicators work?

The DQIs allow Daltix to pick up and correct errors in its processing as early as possible, ensuring the delivered data is useful for insights.  The tagged data is collated and our customers are given visibility on the data quality in their Daltix products by accessing an easy, high-level Data QA cockpit app. In the application, it’s clear for which product at which retailer and location the suspicious data is tagged. If requested by a customer, Daltix can also hide certain suspicious data from reports, in order to exclude outliers or less important data in the analysis. For customers with a daily or weekly data feed, the indicators can be provided as part of the data feed, allowing customers to decide how to act on them.  

We’re really proud to be able to provide Data Quality Indicators very soon to our customers, however,  we never stop working on even better quality. After adding more DQI’s, next on our to-do list is tackling data completeness.  Stay tuned for more on this soon!

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