Daltix press appearances.


Daltix is a frequent media data fact checker.

Data is facts, but only if it is quality data you can trust. That’s what Daltix provides. It’s not an accident media outlets frequently reach out to us to confirm retail trends.

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15 March, 2022 – De Standaard

Daltix supports with data on an article about how the gap between low cost and higher end positioned retailers keeps increasing.

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.



13 February, 2022 – De Tijd newspaper

De Tijd published an insightful article this weekend on the impact of the cross-country strategies from the Dutch retailer Albert Heijn on Belgium. And, as always, Daltix was happy to once again be the backbone for the analysis.

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.



29 January, 2022 – Gazet van Antwerpen newspaper

The retail price increases continue to make appearances in the news. Daltix data confirms a new angle in the conversation featured in the Gazet van Antwerpen this weekend: private label product prices have increased by half as much as for branded labels.

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.



14 January, 2022 – De Tijd newspaper

De Tijd journalist of more than 7 years,  Jens Cardinaels, writes about how our data confirms retail prices will keep increasing.  

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.



13 January, 2022 – Trends Magazine

“Your groceries get more expensive”, writes  in Trends this morning. Our data was relied on for this four page feature about retail price behaviour, because it is data you can trust.

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.

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