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Daltix adds its 100th location of data collection in Germany.

Just recently, Daltix added data collection for the 100th location in Germany.  As we are forging ahead collecting more and more data across European retailers, an overview of where we are active for what retailers come in handy.

The Daltix Summary & Data Span Matrix

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Belgium 🇧🇪, The Netherlands 🇳🇱, and Germany 🇩🇪

The Matrix gives you a clear overview of what type of data we collect, where and for which retailer.  As a reminder, Daltix collects online data from the retailers, drugstores and online grocery delivery companies listed, on a daily basis.  The collected data is from all major retailers and their shops, but also apps and promotion offers.

To complement online data, Daltix coordinates field teams if needed.  Field teams physically scan shelf prices in shops, usually on a weekly basis.  This data is referred to as offline data in our matrix. Field data is seamlessly integrated into data deliveries to our clients. 

Daltix data is near real-time data, and, when analysed, allows for precise insights into assortment changes, ins and outs of products, as well as the availability of products, amongst many other things.

Daltix provides data for branded products and private labels alike. By using DaltixMatching, our product matching tool, our clients can rely on an up-to-date comparison of these assortments. READ MORE ABOUT DALTIXMATCHING HERE. 

Other services are also available, such as anti-scraping audits, data warehousing, and ad hoc analyses

Our data is always subjected to strict quality control. It is data you can trust.

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