What is it really like
working at Daltix?

24 may 2022

Ever wondered what it is like to work at Daltix? In this video you’ll hear thoughts from the team itself.

What is it like working at Daltix?

We call ourselves Daltons. We have offices in Lisbon, Gent, Antwerp and now recently also a Dalton working in Germany.

Culture: We believe in integrity, collaboration and a focus on the future. All Daltons belong at Daltix.

Spirit: We are an open and joyful space for work, with a human-first approach.

Balance: We strive for flexibility by nurturing work-life balance. We work where and when we are at our best.

Growth: We foster a platform for continuous development, learning and reaching goals.

Reward: We value the work we do by offering competitive compensation, important benefits and useful perks.


We are dedicated to data, but we also look out for each other. We help each other get to where we need to get. And there are always good laughs to be had!

We created a video for you so that you can find out what it is really like to work at Daltix!

Play Video about Two software engineers talking

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What Daltix
stands for.

Integrity is our superpower.

We envision and build
the future of data.

Collaboration is key.