35 million data points: How retailers and suppliers can use on- and offline data more efficiently.

17 april 2023

To make smart decisions, retailers need high-quality and reliable retail data. Those who have access to price, product and promotion data on a daily basis have a clear advantage. However, having a full overview of the entire assortment on site as well as in the online store is often not the norm for supermarkets and their suppliers in Germany. To fill this data gap, Daltix and Smartspotter are partnering and can now deliver both of their data expertise of high-quality data to Germany. The two companies have already proven their know-how in cooperation with companies such as Bayer, Ritter Sport and Unilever. While the big data company Daltix offers insights into all essential online data, SmartSpotter scores with its expertise offline, on-site in the stores, thus forming a powerful symbiosis with Daltix.

Today, reliable, and more importantly, daily accessible retail data is crucial in order to remain competitive in the industry.

Those who do not have accurate information about the buying behaviour of their own customers or the strategy of their competitors should expect to lose their edge in the market. “For the first time, retailers and suppliers can access complete data, whether shelf pricing in store or assortment details online. With our joint solution, they can not only optimise their product selection or pricing strategies but also monitor the entire market and make truly sustainable decisions,” says Maarten Stut, Co-founder of SmartSpotter, explaining the synergy. However, collecting and processing the huge amount of retail data available is also a challenge for German companies. Daltix and SmartSpotter solve this problem by collecting, structuring, and cleaning data for their customers so that they only have to attend to the analysis and the right decisions. This means retailers, suppliers and third parties, such as market researchers, can analyse full-range grocery retail information on a daily basis. Available data includes online and offline shelf price, promotion price and product details such as Nutri Scores, which is the nutritional labelling system for food products, compared to the same brand products or private labels. Every day, more than 35.5 million data points are processed, which undergo extensive cleansing and quality checks.

Secure and fast data exchange

The data can be applied to several analyses, such as assortment comparisons, promotion landscape, price evolutions and product availability by simply feeding it into the customer’s own data analysis systems. In this way, Daltix and SmartSpotter also support the analysis of price and promotion strategies on a daily basis. “For example, our customers can call up the relevant price data for certain types of fruit every morning, but this is always done in real time,” says Stut. Existing tools and infrastructure can be used to integrate the digital Daltix data with their own, or with other sources. The data exchange happens real time via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) or via Snowflake, making the whole thing simple, fast and secure. Data access is effortless thanks to “data warehousing” with scaling and sharing capabilities. Data analysis is performed using plug-and-play data with full flexibility, live connections or data extracts at regular intervals. Data integration runs based on EAN and/or article numbers.

“We want to help analysts, suppliers and retail sales teams make the right decisions with high-quality data. In doing so, we take care of the complexities of data collection, structuring and cleaning so that our customers can focus on running their businesses efficiently”Jonas Deprez, Founder of Daltix

Empty shelves during peak hours are avoidable

If Daltix convinces with online know-how, SmartSpotter scores with expertise and retail insights directly in the store. “We aim to significantly improve the synergy between retailers and suppliers by ensuring that in-store execution is perfect,” explains the SmartSpotter Co-founder. After all, out-of-stock situations cost both parties a lot of money. As an example, he cites that a five percent shortage in dairy milk can cost a supplier over 120,000 euros per year and a retailer over 25,000 euros per year. A new module that calculates lost sales can also improve in-store availability. “We can provide data on the top ten products within a couple of days,” Stut said. This makes it easy to determine the appropriate amount of stock to avoid empty shelves during peak hours and create attractive sales areas with neatly displayed products, he adds.

Responding quickly to problems

The presence and correct display of in-store media, seasonal campaigns, promotions and product launches are a key aspect. So are price tags and price compliance per product.

The data offering from our two companies provide indepth insights into competitors' strategies and ensures improved promotional compliance.

He adds that this results in a noticeable increase in sales, return on investment and customer satisfaction. Stut is certain: “We help our customers control their inventory efficiently and, most importantly, respond quickly when problems arise.”

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