A Daltix analysis: Knuspr offers the largest share of organic products in Germany.

03 april 2023

With 22.3% organic products in relation to the total assortment, Knuspr is in first place by a wide margin.

The retail data company Daltix collects current prices, price offers and product information on the full range of the largest supermarkets, drugstores and food delivery services every day. As part of a recent analysis, the assortments – a total of more than 216,000 products – of eleven different retailers, such as REWE, dm and Picnic were compared across Germany and the proportion of organic products in relation to the total assortment was determined. With a considerable lead, the online supermarket Knuspr took a clear lead with an organic share of 22.3%.

Regionality, sustainability and responsible use of natural resources are Knuspr’s declared goals and a continuously growing organic assortment is therefore obligatory. This is confirmed by Marcus Schlich, Deputy Commercial Director of Knuspr: “This top position comes as no surprise to us, but is a great confirmation of our work.

With our broad organic assortment – a nice mix of regional fresh items and attractive product and brand highlights – we offer our customers the perfect total solution. The organic assortment already accounts for around 30% of sales. More than 3,170 attractive organic products are available for our customers to choose from, and this share is being continuously expanded due to high demand.”

We were pleasantly surprised to find that an online supermarket has the largest share of organic products when analyzing our more than 1.5 million daily updated data sets on FMCG items. Retailers who use up-to-date data on a daily basis can get a head start on relevant information and analysis in the industry.

Daltix is committed to providing complete and trusted data on every retail product on a daily basis, online and offline. This enables the company to gain insights into price, promotion, assortment and product data and to compare branded products as well as private labels by means of the specially developed matching tool.

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