Price comparison: Delivery service only a few percent more expensive than classic supermarkets.

04 august 2022

Price comparison: Delivery service only a few percent more expensive than classic supermarkets.

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  • Edeka around 5% cheaper than Germany’s largest delivery service Flink
  • Rewe around 7% cheaper for around 260 products examined
  • Flink is currently the largest delivery service in Germany and delivers to 41 cities
  • Daltix provides up-to-date price and product data for the entire range of supermarkets and delivery services
  • For the complete dataset from Daltix used for this analysis click here.

In the largest independent analysis to date of price data from the supermarkets Edeka and Rewe and the delivery service Flink, Daltix compared the price structure from the supermarkets to Germany’s currently largest delivery service.

REWE and Edeka are cheaper

With around 260 directly compared products, Rewe is 7.63% cheaper than Flink. While each product group is slightly more expensive for the delivery service than at Rewe, there are also individual products such as cheese or sauces that are cheaper at Flink than in the supermarket.

The price difference to Edeka is even smaller. Here Edeka is 5.45% cheaper than Flink for almost 80 products. Despite the smaller number of exactly identical products, significantly more individual products can be found that are cheaper in the price comparison at Flink than at Edeka, such as spirits or household cleaners

Overall, it can be seen that there is currently only a small price difference between supermarkets and the delivery service. There is still a low delivery fee on the order, but at the same time there are numerous discount campaigns that discount the entire order, especially for new customers.

Data analysis methodology

Daltix collects current prices, price offers and product information on the full range of the largest supermarkets, drugstores and delivery services in Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands every day. In this price comparison, a representative size of 10% of the Flink brand range was randomly selected and compared to the identical products from Edeka and Rewe. For this, Daltix uses a specially developed matching tool that greatly simplifies product comparisons. Daltix has more than 30 billion data points and can provide corresponding data down to individual locations, days and exact products.

Jonas Deprez, founder of Daltix:

The current price comparison shows that home delivery is currently only a few percent more expensive than going shopping directly in a full-range supermarket. We will continue to monitor developments and plan to compare the suppliers’ own brands closely next.

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