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Daltix Data Architecture: Data Access

In the final blog post of the data architecture series, we’ll take a look at how Daltix can provide everyone who requires their data access in a way that suits them. To answer that, we’ll examine our two data setups and explain our experiences and how they fit into our data architecture.

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Daltix Data Architecture: Data Extraction

Daltix Data Architecture: Data extraction

In this blog post we’ll zoom in on the different parts in our data architecture giving more details around how everything’s set up, and why. We’ll discuss what happens to the data when it first arrives in our data lake: the raw and extracted layers.

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Introducing the Daltix Data Architecture

At Daltix we do data, and lots of it: we scrape hundreds of websites – collecting, standardising and enriching 33.5M data records and over 100M data points every single day. In this blog post, we share our data architecture with you.

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